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Since the end of 2018, we have packaged our beers in cans. We are one of the first French artisanal breweries to have done so, and the second to have equipped ourselves with our own canning machine (named Chantal). A happy and 100% assumed choice, for a whole host of reasons. Here are a few. 

+ taste

Oh yeah. The can is opaque and therefore does not allow UV to pass through. Exit the tastes of light and the premature disappearance of hoppy aromas.


Hop in the bag!

Who says urban brasserie says urban customers. And it's so easy to have a six-pack or two in your bag, on foot or by bike!


It's beautiful 

A can is 360 degrees of graphic potential. A great support to allow talented artists to dress our beers!


- congestion

A can takes up 3 times less space and weighs 25 times less than a glass bottle of the same capacity.

For an urban brasserie where every square meter counts, this is a big plus.


Can be recycled more easily 

The transport of the can is much less energy-intensive than that of glass, and its carbon footprint is better. Overall, the aluminum can has a lower ecological impact (except in the case of the deposit, and again it depends on the distance travelled).


As for the "metal taste"...

... It's a legend ! The half bar, it doesn't taste metallic, does it? Yet it comes from a was also metal. In addition, there is no real contact between the beer and the can, since the latter has a tiny coating. 

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