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We started in 2020 a production of 100% spontaneous fermentation beer, inspired by Lambic.

Brewed according to the cloudy wort method, undergoing a long boil with aged hops, the wort is then cooled overnight in a copper cooling tank, in the open air under the roofs of the brewery.


The next day, it is intoned in oak barrels that have spent their first life with winegrowers in the region. 


We will assemble from autumn 2023 the first cuvées, like a gueuze (one, two and three years old). The first bottles should then be available a few months later. 


It is written somewhere that time does not respect what is done without it. We try to respect the adage :) 


The cooling tank

Also called Koelschip. With a capacity of 1300L, in copper, it respects certain proportions to allow the must to cool at the right speed. Neither too fast nor too slow. During this cooling, the first micro-organisms inoculate the must.


Spontaneous fermentation

A few hours or a few days later, the fermentation becomes very active and the barrels overflow with foam. During the one to three years that the fermentation will last, many bacteria and yeasts intervene, each in turn.


A slow fermentation

The sweet and bitter wort becomes dry and sour over time and a protective veil forms on the surface. The beer becomes complex and takes on its characteristic notes.

The brewer then becomes an assembler and chooses the barrels with which he will make his cuvées. 

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